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Ph.D Alumni

YearNameAdvisorDissertation TitleEmployer
2019 Kablick, George Pat Z. Li The Pyroconvective Pathway For Stratospheric Water Vapor and Aerosol Naval Research Lab, Karle Fellow Research Physicist
2019 Lukens, Katherine Berbery Winter Storm Tracks, Related Weather, and Subseasonal-to-Seasonal (S2S) Prediction in the NCEP Climate Forecast System for North America PostDoc University of Maryland, Kayo Ide
2019 Lynch, Erin Kalnay, Sharma Data Driven Prediction without a Model
2019 Marvin, Margaret Salawitch
2019 New, David Liang The role of consistent turbulence energetics in the representation of sub-grid mixing and transport in numerical weather and climate models
2019 Sun (AMSC), Luyu Carton, Kalnay, Penny Developments in Lagrangian Data Assimilation and Coupled Data Assimilation to Support Earth System Model Initialization
2018 Chen, Tse-Chun Kalnay Applications of Ensemble Forecast Sensitivity to Observations for Improving Numerical Weather Prediction
2018 Dai, Ni Arkin/Nigam Applications of Ensemble Forecast Sensitivity to Observations for Improving Numerical Weather Prediction
2018 Hughes, Eric Krotkov, Dickerson Improving Forecasts of Volcanic Clouds: An Analysis of Observations and Emission Source Terms Methods Miner and Kasch. Artificial Intelligence Solutions
2018 Li, Yunyao Pickering Deep Convective Transport and Wet Scavenging in Different Convective Regimes during the DC3 Field Campaign Postdoc, University of Maryland, AOSC Department
2018 Martin, Cory Zeng Estimation and Adaptive Online Correction of Systematic Errors in the Global Forecast System (GFS) Using Analysis Increments NOAA Contractor
2018 Mazzuca, Gina Dickerson, Pickering Examination of the Photochemistry and Mesoscale Meteorology Associated with Poor Air Quality in the U.S. AAAS Congressional Fellow
2018 Ring, Allison Canty Estimating Surface Elevation Biases from Subsurface Scattered Photons for Laser AltimetersExploring the impacts of regional emissions sources on tropospheric ozone in the Eastern United States using air quality models and data products?? NOAA, ARL
2018 Sluka, Travis Kalnay Strongly Coupled Ocean Atmosphere Data Assimilation with the Local Ensemble Transform Kalman Filter
2018 Thomas, Natalie Nigam Quantitative Analysis of the Atmospheric Oxidation of Isoprene Using Models and Measurements: Impacts on Surface Ozone NOAA
2018 Zheng, Youtong Z. Li Satellite Retrieval of Updrafts and Cloud Condensation Nuclei (CCN) Concentrations at Cloud Bases Postdoc, ESSIC
2017 Greeley, Adam Carton/Thorsten Estimating Surface Elevation Biases from Subsurface Scattered Photons for Laser Altimeters GSFC-NASA
2017 Jongeward, Andrew Z. Li Identification and Quantification of Regional Aerosol Trends and Impact on Clouds over the North Atlantic Ocean
2017 Smith, Kristin (Cummings) Pickering An Investigation of the Parameterized Prediction of Lightning in Cloud-Resolved Convection and the Resulting Chemistry
2017 Thomas, Cathy (Sabol) Ide Multivariate Correlations: Balance Operators and Variable Localization in Ensemble Data Assimilation NCEP/EMC/IMSG, Support Scientist
2017 Tian, Xiaoxu X. Zou Improved Satellite Microwave Retrievals and Their Incorporation into a Simplified 4D-Var Vortex Initialization Using Adjoint Techniques ESSIC, Postdoc
2016 Anderson, Daniel Dickerson/Salawitch Photochemistry and Transport of Tropospheric Ozone in Urban and Remote Environments Drexel University
2016 Esmaili, Rebekah Tian, Kim, Zeng Remote Sensing of Clouds and Precipitation: Event-based Characterization, Life Cycle Evolution, and Aerosol Influences IMSG at NOAA, Scientific Analyst
2016 Flynn, Clare Pickering Relationship Between Column Density and Surface Mixing Ratio for O3 and NO2: Implications for Satellite Observations UC Irvine
2016 Mok, Jungbin Z. Li Multi-instrument approach for measuring spectral aerosol absorption properties in UV and VIS wavelengths. Postdoc, University of Maryland, ESSIC
2016 Nicely (CHEM), Julie Salawitch An Examination of Hydroxyl Radical: Our Current Understanding of the Oxidative Capacity of the Troposphere Through Empirical, Box, and Global Modeling Approaches
2016 Shin, Jung Hoon Zhang The Impact of Upper-Level Processes on the Intensity and Structual of Hurricane Sandy (2012)
2016 Wang, Jing Allen Impact of Aerosol Direct and Indirect Effects on East Asian Air Quality During EAST-AIRE Campaign Period
2016 Wind, Galina Salawitch Multi-sensor Cloud and Aerosol Retrieval Simulator and Its Applications NASA
2015 Baxter, Stephen Nigam Observed Teleconnections in Northern Winter: Subseasonal Evolution and Tropical Linkages NOAA
2015 Goldberg, Daniel Dickerson/Salawitch/Canty Lifetime and distribution of ozone and related pollutants in the eastern United States. Argonne National Lab
2015 Sawyer, Virginia Z. Li Interaction Between the Aerosol Direct Effect in the Lower Troposphere and the Planetary Boundary Layer Depth
2015 Schollaert Uz, Stephanie Busalacchi Climate-scale Chlorophyll Patterns in the Tropical Pacific from a 51 Year Statistical Reconstruction NASA-GSFC
2015 Zhao, Fang Zeng Changes in the Seasonal Amplitude of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Concentration: Causes and Future Projections.
2014 Brent, Lacey (CHEM) Russell Dickerson Development, Enhancement, and Evaluation of Aircraft Measurement Techniques for Criteria Air Pollutants National Institute of Standards and Technology
2014 Cecelski, Stefan Zhang On The Genesis and Predictability of Hurricane Julia Chief Weather Modeling Meteorologist of Weather Analytics, LLC
2014 Ding, Yanni Carton Ocean Variability in CMIP5 Historical Simulations.
2014 Hotta, Diasuke Kalnay Proactive Quality Control Base On Ensemble Forecast Sensitivity to Observations.
2014 Kavvada, Argyro Sumant Nigam Atlantic Multidecadal Variability: Surface and Subsurface Thermohaline Structure and Hydroclimate Impacts Booz Allen Hamilton (NASA Headquarters)
2014 Lien, Guo-Yuan Eugenia Kalnay, Takemasa Miyoshi Ensemble Assimilation of Global Large-scale Precipitation RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science
2014 Yorks, John Dr. Russell Dickerson An Investigation of Cirrus Cloud Properties Using Airborne Lidar NASA GSFC
2014 Zhao, Yongjing Kalnay/Nigam Application of breeding to nonlinear waves and diurnal cycle in the MARS reanalysis
2014 Zhou, Yan Kalnay Minimizing Reanalysis Jumps due to New Observing Systems
2013 Boisvert, Linette Markus/Carton Moisture flux estimates derived from EOS Aqua data in the Arctic University of Maryland (ESSIC)
2013 Ganeshan, Manisha Murtugudde The Role of Negative Buoyancy and Urbanization in Warm Season Precipitation Processes over the US.
2013 Kim, Kye-Hwan Nigam Statistical Modeling of Atlantic Hurricane Activity using Atmospheric Reanalyses and IPCC Simulations and Projections. Lt. Col. Korean Air Force, Seoul
2012 Amezcua, Javier Kalnay/Ide Advances in Sequential Data Assimilation and Numerical Weather Forecasting: In Ensemble Transform Kalman-Bucy Filter, a Study on Clustering in Deterministic Ensemble Square Root Filters, and a Test of a M=New Time Stepping Scheme in an Atmospheric Model Postdoctoral Research Assistant, Department of Meteorology; University of Reading, UK
2012 Belochitski, Alexei Fox-Rabinovitz Application of Neural Networks to Emulation of Radiation Parameterizations in General Circulation Models Research Associate, Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory-Princeton University
2012 Chen, Hua Zhang On the Rapid Intensification (RI) of Hurricane Wilma (2005) NRC Postdoc, NOAA-Hurricane Research Division, Miami
2012 Giles, David Dickerson/Thompson, A. A Study Of Remotely Sensed Aerosols Properties from Ground-Based Sun and Sky Scanning Radiometers Science Systems and Applications, Inc. (SSAI)
2012 He, Hao Dickerson Air Pollutant Concentrations and Trends over the Eastern U.S and China: Aircraft Measurements and Numerical Simulations University of Maryland, Assistant Research Professor
2012 Kleist, Daryl Ide An Evaluation of Hybrid Variational-Ensemble Data Assimilation for the NCEP Global Forecast System Model" NOAA
2012 Martini, Matus Allen/Pickering Tropospheric ozone and its radiative effects due to anthropogenic and lightning emissions: Global and regional modeling. Naval Reasearch Lab
2012 Nussbaumer, Eric Pinker Estimating Surface Longwave Radiation and Its Application to High Latitude Issues Boulder Wind Power
2012 Rabenhorst, Scott Zhang Field observations and model simulations of low-level flows over the Mid-Atlantic during August 1-5, 2006. UMBC, Postdoc
2012 Ricko, Martina Carton/Birkett Modeling and Forecasting Tropical Lake Levels. Intercomparison and Validation of Continental Water Level Products Derived from Satellite Radar Altimetry Research Associate, ESSIC-University of Maryland
2012 Yoo, Hye Lim Z. Li Evaluation of NCEP GFS Cloud Properties Using Satellite Retrievals and Ground-based Measurements Research Associate, ESSIC-University of Maryland
2011 Greybush, Steven Kalnay Mars Weather and Predictability: Modeling and Ensemble Data Assimilation of Spacecraft Observations Assistant Professor, Penn State
2011 Loughner, Christopher Allen/Dickerson Impacts of Fair-Weather Cumulus Clouds, Bay Breezes, and Landuse on Urban Air Quality and Climate. ESSIC/GSFC
2011 Niu, Xiaolei Pinker Albedo Feedback and Radiative Fluxes in Polar Region Associate Professor, Academia Sinica
2011 Nowottnick, Edward Colarco/Li, Z. Simulated Dust Aerosol Lifecycle in the NASA GEOS-5 Atmospheric Transport Model and Sensitivity to Source and Sink Mechanisms NASA Postdoc Program (NPP)
2011 Penny, Steve Carton/Kalnay Data Assimilation of the Global Ocean Using the 4D LETKF and MOM2 UMCP/NOAA/NCEP
2011 Santorelli, Anthony Carton/Pinker Towards Understanding Key Processes Affecting Heat and Salinity Balance in the Global Ocean Anne Arundel Community College
2011 Singleton, Tamara Kalnay/Ide/Yang DATA Assimilation Experiments with a Simple Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Model Postdoc, Johns Hopkins
2011 Yegorova, Elena Dickerson/Allen Evaluation of a Severe Smog Episode in the Eastern U.S. Uuing Regional Modeling and Satellite Measurements. US Nuclear Regulatory Commission
2010 Barrie, Daniel Daniel Kirk-Davidoff On the Interaction of Wind Energy with Climate and Weather National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
2010 Bollasina, Massimo Nigam Surface and Aerosol Effects on the South AsiaMonson Hydroclimate Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory, Princeton
2010 Bueno (CHEM), Pedro Dickerson/Zachariah Probing Nanoparticle Properties with Photocoustic Spectroscopy Shell Oil Products US, Inc.
2010 Hogsett, Wallace Zhang The Genesis of Typhoon Chanchu National Hurricane Center, Technical Support Branch, Miami FL
2010 Lee, Seung-Jae Berbery Impact of Land Surface Vegetation Change over the La Plata Basin on the Regional Climatic Environment: A study using conventional land-cover/land-use and newly developed ecosystem functional types. Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA)
2010 Merkova, Dagmar Szunyogh/Kalnay Strategies for Coupling Global and Limited-Area Ensemble Kalman Filter Assimilation SSAI
2010 Murphy, Lisa Kirk-Davidoff The Climate Impact of the Messinian Salinity Crisis Postdoc, Lawrence-Berkeley National Lab
2010 Niu, Feng Li, Z. Investigating Aerosol Effects on Clouds, Precipitation and Regional Climate in US and China by Means of Ground-based and Satellite Observations and a Global Climate Model Postdoc, AOSC-University of Maryland
2010 Sun, Ninghai Z. Li Retrieval of Ice Cloud Parameters Using DMSP Special Sensor Microwave Imager/Sounder Staff Scientist, NOAA-NESDIS
2009 Becker, Emily Berbery The Frequency Distribution of Daily Precipitation Over the U.S. Staff Scientist, NOAA NCEP
2009 Castellanos (ENCH), Patricia Dickerson/Ehrman Analysis of air Quality with Numerical Simulations (CMAQ) and Observations of Trace Gases "Global Modeling and Assimilation Office NASA Goddard Space Flight Center "
2009 Chaudhry, Zahra Zhanqing Li/Russ Dickerson A Study of Optical, Physical and Chemical Properties of Aerosols Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab
2009 Chen, Ruiyue Zhanqing Li Enhancement of Atmospheric Liquid Water Estimation Using Space-borne Remote Sensing Data I.M. Systems Group
2009 Goldberg, Mitchell David Thompson, O./Kalnay/Li The Generation and Applications of a Spectrally Resolved Infrared Radiance Climatology Derived from the Atmospheric Infrared Sounder Chief, Satellite Meteorology and Climatology Division, NOAA NESDIS
2009 Hoffman (AMSC), Matthew Carton/Kalnay Ensemble Data Assimilation and Breeding in the Ocean, Chesapeake Bay and Mars Assistant Professor, Rochester Institute of Technology
2009 Kang, Ji Sun Kalnay/Zeng Carbon Cycle Data Assimilation Using a Coupled Atmsophere-Vegetation Model and Local Ensemble Transform Kalman Filter Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
2009 Kuhl, David Szunyogh/Kalnay Assimilation of trace gas retrievals with the Local Ensemble Transform Kalman Filter Naval Research Lab/NRL
2009 Liu (MEES), Hailong Carton/Grodsky Global Oceanic Mixed Layer Properties Postdoc at NOAA AOML
2009 Wonsick, Margaret Mary Pinker High Resolution Clouds and Radiative Fluxes from Satellites: Transferability of Methods and Application to Monsoon Issues
2009 Zhou, Lei Raghu Murtugudde Madden-Julian Oscillation and Sea Surface Temperature Interactions in a Multi-scale Framework Second Institute of Oceanography
2008 Bloomer, Bryan Jaye Dickerson Air Pollution Response to Changing Weather and Power Plant Emissions in the Eastern United States US EPA, National Center for Environmental Research
2008 Chan, Steven Sumant Nigam On the Summer Time Development of the North Pacific Sea Level Pressure Anti-Cyclone Newcastle University / Met Office Hadley Centre
2008 Chang (CHPH), Ching-Yee Carton/Nigam Seasonal and Interannual Ocean-Atmosphere Variability in the Tropical Atlantic: Observed Structure a University of California, Berkeley/Geography Dept.
2008 Fromm, Michael Li, Z. Investigations into the Nature, Severity and Impact of Pyrocumulonimbus Naval Research Lab
2008 Guan, Bin Nigam Pacific Sea Surface Temperatures in the Twentieth Century: Variability, Trend, and Connections to Long-Term Hydroclimate Variations over the Great Plains UCLA/JPL Affiliate/Post Doc
2008 Jung, James E. Kalnay, J. Le Marshall The Assimilation of Hyperspectral Satellite Radiances in Global Numerical Weather Prediction CIMSS/University of Wisconsin
2008 Kieu, Chanh Zhang Theoretical and Numerical Studies of Tropical Cyclone Development Assistant Professor, Vietnam National University
2008 Li, Can Zhanqing Li and Russ Dickerson Emissions, Transport, and Evolution of Atmospheric Pollutants from China: An Observational Study University of Maryland/NASA GSFC
2008 Linkin, Megan Nigam North Pacific Climate Variability and Arctic Sea Ice Swiss Re
2008 Qian, Haifeng Zeng Variability of Terrestrial Carbon Cycle and Its Interaction with Climate under Global Warming NOAA/NESDIS
2008 Yuan, Tianle Li, Z. A Global Study of Aerosol Indirect Effects for Cumulus Clouds NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
2007 Acevedo, Ernesto Munoz Dr. Antonio J. Busalacchi The Caribbean Low-level Jet: Its Structure and Interannual Variability Colorado Department of Public Safety
2007 Follette , Melanie Hudson Classification of Northern Hemisphere Stratospheric Ozone and Water Vapor Profiles by Meteorological Regime: Validation, Climatology, and Trends NASA Goddard
2007 Hains (CHEM), Jennifer Dickerson Profiles of Trace Gases and Aerosols over the Mid-Atlantic Region: Origins and Lifetimes Maryland Department of the Environment
2007 Karnauskas, Kristopher Busalacchi Interannual Variability of SST in the Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean and Central American Rainfall UC Boulder, Assistant Professor
2007 Levy, Robert Carroll Dickerson Second Generation Retrieval of Tropospheric Aerosol Properties over Land from Inversion of Invisible and Near-Infrared Spectral Reflectance: Application over Maryland Goddard Space Flight Center
2007 Li, Hong Kalnay Local Ensemble Transform Kalman Filter with Realistic Observations Shanghai Typhoon Institute, China
2007 Liu, Junjie Kalnay Applications of the LETKF to Adaptive Observations, Analysis University of California, Berkeley
2007 Vant-Hull, Brian Li Radiative and Cloud Microphysical Effects of Forest Fire Smoke over North America and Siberia NOAA/CREST, City College of New York, 138th and Convent, New York, NY, 10035
2007 Wang, Hengmao Pinker Inferring Radiative Fluxes from a New Generation of Satellites: Model Updates Associate Professor, International Institute for Earth System Science, Nanjing University
2007 Weaver, Scott Nigam/Zhang Variability of the Great Plains Low-Level Jet: Large Scale Circulation Context and Hydroclimate Impacts NOAA/NCEP
2006 Danforth (AMSC), Christopher M. Kalnay/Yorke Making Forecasts for Chaotic Processes in the Presence of Model Error Associate Professor, University of Vermont
2006 Luo, Yan Berbery Regional Apects of the North American Land Ssurface-atmosphere interactions and their contributions to the variability and predictability of the regional Hydrologic Cycle Center for Research on Environment and Water, Calverton, Maryland
2006 Ott, Lesley Pickering An Analysis of Convective Transport, Lightning NOx Production, and Chemistry in Midlatitude and Subtropical Thunderstorms NASA-GSFC
2005 Borovikov (AMSC), Anna Rieneker/Carton Multivariate Error Covariance Estimates by Monte-Carlo Simulation for Oceanographic Assimilation Studies SSAI
2005 Grunman, Pablo Kalnay Variational Data Assimilation of Soil Moisture Information National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NCEP
2005 Jeong, Myeong-Jae (MJ) Z. Li Analyses of Multiple Global and Regional Aerosol Products: Investigation of Aerosol Effects and Artifacts Gangneung-Wonju National University, Korea / Assistant Professor
2005 Kim, Hyun Cheol Dessler The Effect of Deep Convection on Temperatures in the Tropical Tropopause Layer and Its Implications to the Regulation of Tropical Lower Stratospheric Humidity NOAA OAR/ARL
2005 Liu, Hongqing Pinker Global Scale Aerosol Properties: Implications for Surface Shortwave Radiation Budget Perot Systems Government Services
2005 Miyoshi, Takemasa Eugenia Kalnay Ensemble Kalman Filter Experiments With A Primitive-Equation Global Model RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science
2005 Yang, Shu-Chih Kalnay Bred vectors in the NASA NSIPP global coupled model and their application to coupled ensemble prediction and data assimilation Department of Atmospheric Sciences, National Central University; Assist. Prof.
2004 Andrade, Marcos Hudson Stratospheric Ozone as Determined by Regime Analysis: The Southern Hemisphere
2004 Choi (ENCH), Yu-Jin Dickerson/Ehrman Chemical Transport Modeling of Air Pollution in Maryland: Investigation of the Role of Biogenic Emissions Pusan Korea/Assistant Professor
2004 Ma, Yingtao Ellingson Longwave Radiative Transfer Through 3D Cloud Fields: Testing the Probability of Clear Line Sight Models with ARM Cloud Observations University of Maryland Department of Meteorology
2004 Musat, Ileana Cristina Ellingson Short-Term Variability of Atmospheric Extinction During the Night, Under Clear-Sky Conditions, Investigated by Broadband Stellar Photometry UPMC, CNRS, IPSL, LMD,
2004 Taubman (CHEM), Brett Dickerson/Doddridge Airborne Observations of Aerosols and Trace Gases over the Eastern US Appalachian State University
2004 Tzortziou, Maria A. Hudson Measurements and Characterizations of Optical Properties in the Chesapeake Bays Estuarine Waters using In-Situ Measurements, MODIS Satellite Observation, and Radiative Transfer Modeling NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
2003 Foltz, Gregory Carton Tropical Atlantic Seasonal Variability NOAA/ Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory and UW/JISAO/Seattle, WA
2003 Nawri, Nikolaj W. Baer Dynamics of Helical Flow Structures: A Description of Vortex Formation in Turbulent Fluids Iceland Meteorol Off, Div Atmospher Res, Reykjavik, Iceland
2003 Pena Mendez, Malaquias Kalnay/Cai The local phase relationship in ocean-atmospheric coupled anomalies and its impact on their duraton and predictability NOAA/NWS/EMC
2003 Sun, Donglian Pinker Surface temperature derivation from current and future Sattellite Instruments Assistant Professor, George Mason University
2003 Zhu, Tong Zhang A 5-day Numerical Simulation of Hurricane Bonnie NOAA Operational Significance and Event Imagery Satellite Data Center (NESDIS)
2002 Aberson, Sim David Kalnay Targeted Observations to Improve Tropical Cyclone Track Forecasts in the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific Basins. , NOAA Hurricane Research Division
2002 Chen (CHPH), Lung-Wen Dickerson/Doddridge Urban Fine Particular Matter: Chemical Compostion and Possible Origins University of Nevada, Las Vegas
2002 Han, Gao Gao Ellingson Development of a Statistical Method for Estimation the Radiative Cooling from Satellite Observations
2002 Swartz, William H Russ Dickerson Quantifying Photolysis Rates in the Tropoosphere and Stratosphere Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
2002 Wang, Jiande Carton Climate Variability in Tropical Atlantic Associated with AMIP NOAA National Centers for Enviromental Prediction SAIC
2001 Janjic Pfander (AMSC), Tijana Carton Error due to unresolved scales in Estimation Problems for Atmospheric Data Assimilation Alfred Wegener Institute/Bremerhaven, Germany
2001 Meng, Chi-Jan (Jesse) Pinker Modeling Land Surface Energy Budget on Regional Scale Using Satellite Data
2001 Park, Rokjin Pickering/Dickerson The Interaction of Regional- and Global Scale Atmospheric Chemistry, Transport and Climate Processes School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Seoul National University
2001 Patil (AMSC), D.J. Kalnay/Yorke Application of Chaotic Dynamics to Weather Forecasting U.S. Chief Data Scientist, US White House
2001 Ruiz-Barradas, Alfredo Carton/Nigam Interannual to Decadal Air-Sea Interactions in the Tropical Atlantic Region AOSC Dept/Univ. of MD.
2000 Decaria, Alex J. Pickering/Dickerson Effects of convection and lightning on tropospheric chemistry studied with cloud, transport, and chemistry models. , Millersville University Department of Earth Sciences
2000 Hallock-Waters (CHEM), Kristen Doddridge/Dickerson Trace Gas Observations over Rural Virginia: Photochemistry and Transport Stockton College
2000 Prados (CHEM), Anna Russ Dickerson The export of ozone and othere atmospheric trace species from North America: Observations and numerical simulations University of Maryland Baltimore County
2000 Pyuzza, Nelson D Zhang/Baer Influences of the land-surface processes on the tropical African weather and atmospheric conditions. Tanzania Meteorological Agency
1999 Barlow, Mathew Anthony Nigam/Berbery Climatological evolution and decadal variability of North American warm season hydroclimate Atmospheric and Environmental Research, Inc.
1999 Bua, William R Baer The Effect of Land Surface Processes on the variability of the East Asian summer monsoon UCAR/COMET
1999 Campbell, William Francis Baer Global Optimization of Numerical Models by Simulated Annealing NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Applied Information Sciences Branch
1999 Chung, Chul Nigam ENSO Variability and Asian summer monsoon University of California-San Diego
1999 Dai, Ying Nigam Dynamical diagnosis of Pacific North American (PNA) variability pattern Northrop Grumman IT Corporation
1999 Deweaver, Eric Thomas Nigam/Baer Zonal-eddy dynamics of the North American Oscillation and the Northern Hemisphere zonal index University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences
1999 Entin, Jared Keith Robock/Vinnikov Temporal and spatial scales of soil moisture variations NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
1999 Taylor, Michael Alexander Carton/Vernekar October in May: The Effect of Warm Tropical Atlantic SST on Early Season Caribbean Rainfall University of the West Indies- Mona Department of Physics
1998 Morales, Raymond Dickerson Carbon Monoxide, Ozone, and Hydrocarbons in the Baltimore Metropolitan Area University of San Juan/Assistant Professor
1998 Rhoads (CHEM), Kevin Russ Dickerson The Influence of Continental Emissions of the Composition of the Remote Marine Boundary Layer Siena College
1997 Ahn, Myoung-Hwan Hudson A New SO2 Retrieval Algorithm using TOMS Radiance and its Application METRI/KMA/Remote Sensing Research Lab
1997 Ferrare, Richard A. Hudson The Applicability of a Scanning Raman Lidar for Measurements of Aerosols and Water Vapor NASA Langley Research Center Atmospheric Sciences Division
1997 Free, Melissa Purdy Robock Volcanoes, Solar Variability, and Climate Change Over the Past 600 Years
1997 Kondragunta (CHEM), Shobba Russell Dickerson The Impact of Aerosols on Urban Photochemical Smog Production NOAA
1997 Vergara, Jose Agapito A Baer Numerical Simulation of a Tornado with Fully Compressible Cloud Model Univ. Chile
1997 Warner, Juying Xie Ellingson A New Longwave Radiation Model For Application to Atmospheric Problems AOSC, CICS, ESSIC
1996 Allen, Dale John Hudson The Effects of Transport and Convection on the Global Atmospheric Distribution of Trace Species as Determined by a Chemistry and Transport-Model University of Maryland/Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science
1996 Babin, Steven M James Carton The Effects of Transport and Convection on the Global Atmospheric Distribution of Trace Species as Determined by a Chemistry and Transport-Model Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab
1996 Civerolo, Kevin Lawrence Dickerson Development and use of a High Sensitivity Fast Response Nitric Oxide Detector for Air Quality Monitoring and Eddy Correlation Flux Measurements New York State Dept. of Health Empire State Plaza
1996 Dai, Zhiyuan Rasmusson The nature of transient variability over the North Pacific-North American sector and its modulation by the ENSO cycle
1996 Han, Dejiang Ellingson Studies of Longwave Radiative Transfer Under Broken Cloud Conditions: Cloud Parameterizations and Validations
1996 Ji, Yimin Rasmusson/Vernekar Modeling the Asian Summer Monsoon with a High Resolution Regional eta Model: The Impact of Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies Associated with ENSO Cycle George Mason Univ/Res. Assoc. Professor
1996 Reale, Oreste Shukla Modeling the Effects on Climate Caused by the Changes in Vegetation from the Roman Classical Period USRA/GESTAR at NASA/GSFC
1996 Tanajura, Clemente A Vernekar Modeling and Analysis of the South American Climate Laboratorio Nacional de Computacoa Cientifica (LNCC)
1996 Zhou, Zengxi Carton The Cause of Sea Surface Temperature Variability in the Tropical Atlantic Ocean" NOAA/AOML/PHOD
1995 Kim, Jae-Hwan Hudson New Methods of Deriving a Tropical Tropospheric Column Ozone using Radiances Measured by Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer (TOMS): Intercomparison and Analysis Department of Earth System Science Korea National University of Education
1995 Mao, Jianping Robock Effects of volcanic eruptions on climate : signal detection in surface temperature observations CrIX/NPOESS
1995 Peng, Peitao Robock/Strauss/Shukla The Effects of Volcanic Eruptions on Climate: Signal Detection in Surface Temperature Observations NOAA/NCEP
1995 Schlosser, Courtney Adam Vinnikov/Robock Land-surface Hydrology: Validation and Intercomparison of Multi-year Off-line Simulations Using Midlatitude Data GEST/GSFC NASA Global Water and Energy Cycle Office
1994 Dewitt, David George Vernekar The Relationship Between Surface Temperature, Low-Level Convergence and Precipitation (Latent Heating) in the Tropics of a General Circulation Model of the Atmosphere International Research Institute for Climate Prediction
1994 Zhou, Jiayu Vernekar GCM Study of Interannual Variability of Indian Summer Monsoon: the Impact of Anomalous Spring Eurasian Snow Cover NOAA Office of Science and Tech.
1993 Lee, Hai-Tien Ellingson Development of a Statistical Method for Estimating the Downward Longwave Radiation at the Surface from Satellite Observations Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center/CICS
1993 Nobre, Paulo Shukla On the Genesis of Anomalous SST and Rainfall Patterns Over the Tropical Atlantic Basin Centro de Previsao do Tempo e Estudo Comaticos - CPTEC/INPE
1993 Poulida, Olga Dickerson Observations of Tropospheric Trace Gases and Techniques for Assessing Regional Transport of Air Pollutants Frederick Institute of Technology
1992 Dirmeyer, Paul Alan Shukla GCM Studies of the Influence of Vegetation of the General Circulation: The Role of Albedo in Modulating Climate Change Center for Ocean-Land Atmospheric Studies
1992 Gaffen Seidel, Dian Judith Alan Robock Observed Annual and Interannual Variations in Tropospheric Water Vapor. NOAA (retiring Feb. 2016)
1992 Huang, Bo-Hua Carton/Shukla Numerical Simulation of the Seasonal and Interannual Variability of the Tropical Atlantic Ocean Circulation during the 1980s. GMU/IGES-Associate Professor
1992 Kirtman, Benjamin Paul Vernekar/Shukla The Dynamics of Tropical Intraseasonal Variability. University of Miami
1992 Yang, Runhua Shukla The Influence of Variations of Vegetation and Soil Moisture on Surface Weather and Atmospheric Circulation. NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
1991 Shen, Suhung Baer Interannual variabilities of the East Asian summer monsoon and tropical sea surface temperatures. NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
1990 Hou, Yu-Tai Shukla Cloud-Radiation Dynamics Interaction NOAA Environmental Modeling Center/ NCEP
1990 Luke, Winston Thomas (CHEM) Dickerson Reactive Nitrogen Compounds in the Troposphere: Observations, Transport and Photochemistry Air Resources Lab
1990 Nunnermacker (CHEM), Linda Jean Dickerson Calibration and Detection Techniques for Trace Nitrogen Compounds in the Atmosphere Brookhave National Lab
1990 Winston (CHEM), Luke Dickerson Reactive Nitrogen Compounds in the Troposphere: Observations, Transport, and Photochemistry. Research Scientist NOAA Air Resources Laboratory
1990 Yoo, Jung Moon Carton Seasonal Freshwater and Salinity Budgets in the Tropical Atlantic Ocean EWHA Women's University Deparment of Science Education/Seoul, South Korea/Professor
1989 Ji, Ming Baer Three-Dimensional Scaling and Consistent Truncation of Global Atmospheric Models NOAA National Centers for Climate Prediction
1988 Lanzante, John R. Anandu Vernekar An Observational Study of Intramonthly Quasi-Periodicities in the Northern Hemisphere, Extratropical Geopotential Height Field NOAA Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory
1987 Pickering, Kenneth Dickerson Observations of Tropospheric Trace Gases and Techniques for Assessing Regional Transport of Air Pollutants NASA/Goddard
1986 Zivkovic, Maria Baer Sensitivity of Barotropic Flow to Mesoscale Nonlinearity Atmosphere and Environmental Research Inc.
1985 Chelliah, Muthuvel Vernekar Summer and Winter Global Stationary Eddy Patterns due to Mountains and Diabatic Heating NOAA Climate Prediction Center
1984 Arkin, Phillip Alan Robert Ellingson An Examination of the Southern Oscillation in the Upper Tropospheric Tropical and Subtropical Circulation University of Maryland ESSIC
1982 Rivero, Juan Rodenhuis Seasonal Climate Fluctuations as Steady and Periodic Flow States of a Barotropic Model of Planetary Waves University of Alaska Southeast
1981 Bauer, Carl Pitter Measurement of the Electrical Charge on Snowflakes
1981 Schemm, Jae-Kyung David Rodenhuis A Numerical Study on the Interaction of Atmospheric Internal Gravity Waves and Cumulus Convection Climate Prediction Center, NCEP/NWS/NOAA
1980 Ballish, Brad Baer NCEP
1979 Becker, Robert Vernekar A Global Distribution of the Sources and Sinks of Radiant Energy University of Hawaii
1978 Cheng, Chi-Shung Diagnostic Study of Tropical Cululus Intensity Using a Cellular Convection Model Global Science and Technology Inc.-Aerospace Building
1977 Johnson, Keith Willis Rodenhuis Potential Vorticity Transport and Stratospheric Warmings Jackson State University Mississippi
1977 Mobley, Curtis Faller A Numerical Model of Wind and Wave Generated Langmuir Circulations Sequoia Scientific, Inc.
1976 Harnack, Robert Landsberg Summer Season Prediction of Great Plains Precipitation Cook College-Environmental Science Department
1976 Pinker, Rachel T. Landsberg/Thompson,O. Micrometeorological Characteristics of a Dry Evergreen Forest in Thailand University of Maryland, AOSC Dept, Professor
1975 Levin, Leonard Anandu Vernekar Influence of the Diabatic Heating and Transient Eddy Effects on the Mean Axially-Asymmetric Component of a Model Atmosphere Electric Power Research Institute
1974 Acheson, Donald Thompson, O./Landsberg Radiosonde Windfinding Using Retransmitted Radio Frequency Signals NOAA (retired)
1974 Capone (PHYS), Enrique A. Faller A Three-Dimensional Model for the Numerical Simulation of Estuaries Last Ocean Technology Department, Northrop Grumman
1974 Hausling, Henry Faller A Numerical Study of Viscous Flows of Stability Stratified Fluidy Over Barriers David Taylor Lab (retired)
1972 El-Sayad, Hassan Landsberg Regional and Time Variation in the Production of Global Available Potential Energy by Sensible Heating of the Oceans. (overseas)
1972 Miller, James R. Gage Theoretical Study of the Prandtl Number Dependence of the Stability of Unbounded Stratified Flows Professor and Chair, Dept. of Marine and Coastal Sci., Rutgers Univ.
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