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M.S. Alumni

YearNameAdvisorDissertation TitleEmployer
2019 Benish, Sarah Dickerson Observations of Nitrogen Oxides and Volatile Organic Compounds in the North China Plain and Impact on Ozone Production Enrolled in Ph.D. program
2019 Buckley, Ellen Farrell Classification of Arctic Sea Ice Surface Types During the Melt Season in High Resolution IceBridge Imagery Enrolled in Ph.D. program
2019 Fons, Steven Carton Retrieval of Snow Freeboard of Antarctic Sea Ice Using Waveform Fitting of CryoSat-2 Returns Enrolled in Ph.D. program
2019 Howe, Shaun Zeng Model Validation and Estimation of the Complete Carbon Cycle in the Northeastern United States ARETE Associates, Scientist
2019 Jeffery, Jebediah Warner An Analysis of Mid-Tropospheric Carbon Monoxide Concentrations Through Climatology, Anomalies, and Transport
2019 Kaltenbaugh, Alexander A. Thompson Comparison of Satellite and Ground-Based NO2 Measurements in the Mid-Atlantic Region during the 2018 OWLETS-2 Campaign ESSIC
2019 Lenninger, Katherine Pickering National Weather Service, Key West FL
2019 Zhang, Ying Ide Data Assimilation with ROMS-LETKF for the Coastal Ocean Enrolled in Ph.D. program
2018 Fedkin, Nikita Dickerson/Can Li Linking Improvements in Sulfur Dioxide Emissions to Decreasing Sulfate Deposition by Combining Satellite and Surface Observations with Trajectory Analysis Enrolled in Ph.D. Program
2018 Jeffrey, Dylan Kleist Development and Testing of an Accumulation-Type Algorithm for Default and Urban Land Surfaces Using WRF Simulations Raytheon
2018 Joseph, Casey Lampkin Spatial and Temporal Variability of Water-Filled Crevasse Hydrologic States Along the Shear Margins of Jakobshavn Isbrae, Greenland
2018 Kholodovsky, Vitaly Liang A Generalized Spatio-Temporal Threshold Selection Method for Identification of Extreme Event Patterns Enrolled in Ph.D. Program
2017 Beckley, Wiliam Burke Z. Li
2017 Chen, Tse-Chun Kalnay
2017 Lynch, Erin Kalnay, Sharma Data Driven Time Series Analysis Modeling and Prediction using Tim Embedding and Ensemble Kalman Filter Techniques
2017 Ozog, Scott McGill, Yorks, Dickerson Modeled Radiative Forcing Differences from Cirrus Extinction Inputs Derived from HSRL and Standard Backscatter Lidar Techniques. UCLA
2017 Porter, Gregory Kleist Identifying Precursors to Winter Time Atlantic Blocking Events
2016 Bhargava, Kriti Carton, Kalnay
2016 Bhargava, Kriti Kalnay/Carton UMD, AOSC PostDoc
2016 Bi, Xiaoxu Canty (Masters of Professional Studies)
2016 Bodnar, Tyler Canty (Masters of Professional Studies)
2016 Fanelli, Colleen Canty (Masters of Professional Studies)
2016 Fasnacht, Zachary A. Thompson Free tropospheric ozone variability during NASA SEAC4RS (2013): Insights from ozonesondes, aircraft trace gas measurements and models SAII Contractor at NASA-GSFC, Scientific Programmer, Data Analyst
2016 Graham, Neal Willhelm-Morales Nonlinear Adsorption Characteristics Of Lithium At The Cape Cod Tracer Test
2016 Kubaryk, Adam Ide The Application of Local E??Dimension/E??Vector Analysis to Near??Operational Ensembles of the Global Data Assimilation System
2016 Lippi, Donald Kleist Assimilation of Radar Radial Velocity with GSI-Based Hybrid 3DEnVar System for Improved Precipitation Forecasts I.M. Systems Group (IMSG) contractor for NOAA/EMC (Environmental Modeling Center)
2016 Martin, Cory Zeng Estimation and Adaptive Online Correction of Systematic Errors in the Global Forecast System (GFS) Using Analysis Increments NOAA Contractor
2016 Mazzuca, Gina Dickerson, Pickering Use of Tethersonde and Aircraft Profiles to Study the Impact of Mesoscale and Microscale AAAS Congressional Fellow
2016 Nichols, Meredith Pinker, Tong Spatial and Temporal Variability of Marine Primary Organic Aerosols over the Global Oceans: A Review Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies, Contractor-NCWCP under NESDIS
2016 Nielsen, Daniel Zhang The Energetics of the Rapid Intensification of Hurricane Earl NOAA, MDL
2016 Santos da Silva, Silvia Regina Willhelm-Morales Use and Evaluation of Atmospheric Stability Products derived from the NOAA Unique Cross-track Infrared Sounder (CrIS)/Advanced Technology Microwave Sounder (ATMS) Processing System (NUCAPS) Retrieval Products Enrolled in PhD Program
2016 Schwarber, Adria Gilmore, Smith, Salawitch Enrolled in PhD Program
2016 Sengupta, Agniv Nigam Enrolled in PhD Program
2016 Smith, Ryan Canty (Masters of Professional Studies)
2016 Wheeler, Ashley Warner Identifying Biomass Burning Emission Differences Between NH3 & CO using 13 years of AIRS Satellite Measurements Science and Technology Corporation (STC), Junior Scientist
2015 Bennett, Brian Canty (Masters of Professional Studies) University of Maryland, Research Assistant
2015 Dunlap, Laura Dickerson/C. Li An Overview Of The Ozone Mapping And Profiler Suite (OMPS) And Its Science Products JPSS Algorithm Manager at Science and Technology Corporation (STC)
2015 Esposito, Nicholas Deane/Nigam Software Development, Unit Testing and the ModelE Climate Model. Scientific Programmer I at EMCS, LLC
2015 Greeley, Adam Carton/Thorsten Subsurface Scattering of Visible Laser Light and the Implications for Laser Altimeters GSFC-NASA
2015 Lukens, Katherine Berbery On the Relation Between Storm Tracks and North American Precipitation in the Boreal Winter PostDoc University of Maryland, Kayo Ide
2015 Miller, William Zhang Effects of Latent Heat of Fusion on the Rapid Intensification of Hurricane Wilma (2005) Enrolled in PhD Program
2015 Solomon, Amy Lampkin
2014 Clark, Ryan Nigam Enrolled in PhD Program
2014 Crockett, John Canty (Master of Professional Studies) NOAA Affiliate
2014 Esmaili, Rebekah Tian, Kim, Zeng IMSG at NOAA, Scientific Analyst
2014 Foley, Jordan Zhang
2014 Ring, Allison Canty Lightning NOX Production per Flash based on OMI NO2 Observations for the Gulf of Mexico NOAA, ARL
2013 Goldberg, Daniel Dickerson/Salawitch/Canty Surface Ozone and Total Reactive Nitrogen Concentrations over the Chesapeake Bay during Argonne National Lab
2013 Kavvada, Argyro Sumant Nigam Booz Allen Hamilton (NASA Headquarters)
2013 Liaskos, Christina Dale Allen National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
2013 Shea, Dustin Arkin Development and Demonstration of a Lightning Density Product at the Ocean Prediction Center
2013 Smith, Kristin (Cummings) Pickering Lightning flash rate and chemistry simulation of tropical island convection using a cloud-resolved model.
2012 Baxter, Stephen Nigam A Sub-seasonal Teleconnection Analysis: Wintertime PNA Development and Its Relationship to the NAO NOAA
2012 Boisvert, Linette Markus/Carton Moisture fluxes derived from EOS aqua satellite data for the north water polynya over 2003 - 2009 University of Maryland (ESSIC)
2012 Cecelski, Stefan Zhang The Genesis of Hurricane Julia from an African Easterly Wave and its Predictability Chief Weather Modeling Meteorologist of Weather Analytics, LLC
2012 Ding, Yanni Carton
2012 Johnston, Benjamin Zeng The Impact of White Roofs and Pavement on Climate and Energy
2012 Thomas, Cathy (Sabol) Ide Three-Dimensional Variational Data Assimilation Experiments with the SPEEDY Atmospheric General Circulation Model. NCEP/EMC/IMSG, Support Scientist
2011 Santorelli, Allison Eugenia Kalnay National Weather Service, Weather Prediction Center
2010 Rabenhorst, Scott Zhang UMBC, Postdoc
2010 Reagan, James Carton/Nigam A New Comprehensive Hydrographic Arctic Observation Data Set
2010 Wojdan, Lisa Allen/Pickering Earth Science Teacher, Iroquois, New York
2009 Baker, Debra Kalnay The Multi-Meteorology Air Quality (MMAQ) Ensemble Project: Variance Generated By a WRF Varied Physics Ensemble ESSIC
2009 Bernstein, Kristi Murtugudde Using Forecast Verification Methods for Search and Rescue of Optimal Planning System (SAROPS) US Navy
2009 Carty, Hezekiah Nigam/Smith Diurnal Variability of the Spectral and Vertical Properties of Tropical Precipitation MDA Information Systems
2009 Cipriani, James Zeng/Ide
2009 Greybush, Steven Kalnay Ensemble Kalman Filter Localization Techniques and Balance Assistant Professor, Penn State
2009 Martini, Matus Allen/Pickering North American Trace Gas Export Due to Anthropogenic Emissions and Lightning Naval Reasearch Lab
2009 Ricko, Martina Carton/Birkett Research Associate, ESSIC-University of Maryland
2009 Yoo, Hye Lim Z. Li Evaluating NCEP GFS Model Cloud Properties Against Satellite Retrievals Research Associate, ESSIC-University of Maryland
2008 Barrie, Daniel Daniel Kirk-Davidoff Wind Farms and Weather: The Predictability of Wind-Farm Induced Changes in the Downstream Atmosphere. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
2008 Cook, Brian Zeng Will the Amazon dry out under Climate Change EPA
2008 Greene, Ashley Carton Sea Surface Temperature Changes and Tropical Cyclones EPA
2008 Huntemann, Tabitha Pickering/Allen National Weather Service
2008 Kuhl, David Szunyogh/Kalnay A Study of the Impact of Trace Gas Assimilation on Global Weather and Air Quality Prediction Naval Research Lab/NRL
2008 Satterfield, Elizabeth Szunyogh Texas A&M University
2007 Collins, Kathrine Carton Maryland Climate and Historical Temperature Trend Analysis NASA-GSFC Research Scientist
2007 He, Hao Dickerson University of Maryland, Assistant Research Professor
2007 Mi, Wen Li Allianz, Shanghai
2007 Murphy, Lisa Kirk-Davidoff A Modeling Study of the Climate Implications of the Messinian Salinity Crisis using the NCAR Communi Postdoc, Lawrence-Berkeley National Lab
2007 Niu, Feng Li, Z. Validation and Understanding of MODIS Aerosol Products Using Ground-based Measurements from the Handheld Sunphotometer Network in China Postdoc, AOSC-University of Maryland
2007 Niu, Xiaolei Pinker Improved Angular Distribution Models in Radiative Flux Inference Schemes Associate Professor, Academia Sinica
2007 Nowottnick, Edward Colarco/Li, Z. Use of Nasa A-Train and NAMMA Observations to Evaluate a New Dust Source Scheme in GEOS-4 NASA Postdoc Program (NPP)
2007 Santorelli, Anthony Carton/Pinker Heat Content of the Global Upper Ocean during the past Half Century Anne Arundel Community College
2007 Wauer, Benjamin Kirk-Davidoff/Zeng Climate Response to Irrigation in the American West U.S. Army
2006 Becker, Emily Berbery Staff Scientist, NOAA NCEP
2006 Chaudhry, Zahra Zhanqing Li/Russ Dickerson In Situ Measurements of Aerosol Mass Concentration and Radiative Properties in Xianghe, SE Beijing Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab
2006 Cohn, Alan Carton EPA
2006 Giles, David Dickerson/Thompson, A. Utilizing a New Aerosol Data Display and Dissemination Tool to Analyze Aerosols over the Northern In Science Systems and Applications, Inc. (SSAI)
2006 Guan, Bin Nigam Pacific Decadal Variability: Structure and Mechanisms UCLA/JPL Affiliate/Post Doc
2006 Hogsett, Wallace Zhang Energetics of Hurrican Bonnie National Hurricane Center, Technical Support Branch, Miami FL
2006 Kieu, Chanh Zhang Piecewise Potential Vorticity Inversion Assistant Professor, Vietnam National University
2006 Linkin, Megan Nigam The North Pacific Oscillation/West Pacific Teleconnection pattern: Weekly evolution and impacts on Arctic Sea Ice Swiss Re
2006 Yegorova, Elena Dickerson/Allen Numerical Simulations of Process Contributing to Transpacific Transport of Asian Anthopogenic Pollut US Nuclear Regulatory Commission
2006 Yuan, Tianle Li, Z. NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
2005 Armbruster, Jeffrey Carton Atlantic Winds, Waves, Nonlinearities, and North Equatorial Countercurrent UPC Wind Managment/Newton, Mass.
2005 Chen, Hua Zhang Coupled Instability in the Equatorial Pacific Ocean NRC Postdoc, NOAA-Hurricane Research Division, Miami
2005 Li, Hong Kalnay Estimation of the Impact of Land-Surface Forcing on Temperature Trends in Eastern United States Shanghai Typhoon Institute, China
2005 Liu, Junjie Kalnay Adaptive Observation Strategies with the Local Ensemble Transform Kalman Filter University of California, Berkeley
2005 Qian, Haifeng Zeng Variability of Terrestrial Carbon Cycle and it's Interaction with Climate Under Global Warming NOAA/NESDIS
2004 Acevedo, Ernesto Munoz Dr. Antonio J. Busalacchi Colorado Department of Public Safety
2004 Bloomer, Bryan Jaye Dickerson US EPA, National Center for Environmental Research
2004 Guyer, Brian Joseph Zhang
2004 Keaveney, Sean Robert Thompson Military
2004 Luo, Yan Berbery Center for Research on Environment and Water, Calverton, Maryland
2004 Plummer, Scott Brad Carton World Weather Inc.
2004 Preaux , Sandra Ann Carton
2004 Pryor, Kenneth NOAA
2004 Silva, Viviane Berbery NOAA
2003 Beauchane, Laura May Pickering Western Regional Climate Office at the Desert Research Institute at University of Nevada
2003 Jigme, Fnu Zhang
2003 Kato, Hiroko Pinker
2003 Lei, Fan Pinker
2003 Liu, Chian-Yi Carton
2003 Mott, Gregory Zhang
2003 Mulero Andujar, Pedro J. Kalnay
2003 Ott, Lesley Pickering NASA-GSFC
2003 Santhana Vannan, Suresh Kumar Hudson
2003 Tse, Shuk Mei
2003 Weaver, Scott Nigam/Zhang Diurnal Variations of Low-Level Jets over the Mid-Atlantic States as Diagnosed from Wind Profiler and Model Data NOAA/NCEP
2003 Wozniak, Amy Elisabeth Hudson
2002 Fayos, Carolina Carton Instituto de Quimica-Fisica/Madrid, Spain
2002 Follette , Melanie Hudson NASA Goddard
2002 Kassabova, Tzveta D Pinker
2002 Liu, Hongqing Pinker Climatology of Aerosol Optical Depth over the United States Perot Systems Government Services
2002 Wang, Hengmao Pinker Associate Professor, International Institute for Earth System Science, Nanjing University
2002 Wang, Xiaoxue Zhang
2001 Devarajan, Sowmya
2001 Foltz, Gregory Carton NOAA/ Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory and UW/JISAO/Seattle, WA
2001 Han, Gao Gao Ellingson
2001 Ramaphane, Galebonwe Department of Meteorological Services
2001 Tzortziou, Maria A. Hudson NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
2001 Zhu, Tong Zhang NOAA Operational Significance and Event Imagery Satellite Data Center (NESDIS)
2000 Armstrong, Mark A EMC Industrial Group Ltd.
2000 Cao, Degui Dr. David Considine NOAA/NOS
2000 Carroll, Kevin L
2000 Chen, Wanchun
2000 Eicher, Robert W. Carton Channel 13/Central Fla.
2000 Gamazaychikov, Mikhail I
2000 Musat, Ileana Cristina Ellingson UPMC, CNRS, IPSL, LMD,
2000 Nawri, Nikolaj W. Baer Iceland Meteorol Off, Div Atmospher Res, Reykjavik, Iceland
2000 Spinnenweber, Monica Moran Doddridge National Weather Service Hydrological Services Division
2000 Wang, Yunheng
1999 Cheng, Zhaohui
1999 Deng, Jingtao Carton/Fahnestock Analysis of ECMWF Reanalysis Air Temperature on Ice Sheets with Passive Microwave Data NWC/NWS/NOAA
1999 Li, Aiwu NOAA/NESDIS
1999 Partyka, Gary Scott Zhang NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
1999 Schmitt, Chester V. NOAA National Weather Service
1999 Turner, James C.
1999 Wang, Jiande Carton NOAA National Centers for Enviromental Prediction SAIC
1999 Wang, Zihou Anandu, Vernekar NOAA/NWS
1998 Cho, Sunmi Carton Atmospheric Dynamics Data Support Team (AIRS) NASA/DAAC
1998 Gray, Sean Michael Robock Diagnosis of Energy Divereance in the GEOS
1998 Gu, Jiaming
1998 MacCracken, Rosalyn F. Zhang George Mason University
1998 Marrero, Juan Carlos Antuna
1998 Qiu, Shuang NOAA/NESDIS
1998 Ruiz-Barradas, Alfredo Carton/Nigam On the Variability of Heat Content in the Tropical Atlantic. AOSC Dept/Univ. of MD.
1998 Shi, Bin
1998 Sun, Donglian Pinker Assistant Professor, George Mason University
1998 Tian, Ruiming
1998 Wu, Jun
1997 Evans, Keith David Dr Hudson JCET/UMBC
1997 Fisher, Brad L. Science Systems Applications, Inc.
1997 Ge, Yanwei Vernekar
1997 Kelley, Paul
1997 Kilcoyne, Heather Marler NOAA/NESDIS Office of Satellite Ground Services
1997 Loftus, Mary Ellen Thompson, O.
1997 Ma, Liqun
1997 Marshall, J Andrew Carton Private Industry
1997 Meng, Chi-Jan (Jesse) Pinker
1997 Murphy, Michael Patrick NOAA/NWS
1997 Todaro, Richard Michael United States Climate Variability & Predictability
1997 Ward, Alan Brady
1997 Yin, Baoyu Sumant Nigam NOAA/NWS
1997 Zhao, Jiang
1996 Cunningham, William Joseph Carton
1996 Dai, Ying Nigam Northrop Grumman IT Corporation
1996 Dinniman, Michael Sean Carton Old Dominion University
1996 Entin, Jared Keith Robock/Vinnikov NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
1996 Gordon, Sara C.
1996 Lin, Ching-I
1995 Black, Robert C.
1995 Bua, William R Baer UCAR/COMET
1995 Conaty, Austin Leo Rasmusson A Look at the National Meteorological Center Step-Mountain Eta Coordinate Model: A Description of Model Performance During a Severe Weather Outbreak Science Applications International Corporation at NASA Global Modeling and Assimilation Office GSFC
1995 Deland, Matthew Todd Hughes STX
1995 Gersten, Robert A Dickerson
1995 Rocque, Kevin Joseph
1995 Sieber, Carrie Jae
1995 Sikder, Mohammed Shohrab
1995 Simms, Mary Teresa (Peachy) Thompson, O.
1995 Wonsick, Margaret Mary Pinker
1994 Arsky, Natalie Yuryevna Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center
1994 Babin, Steven M James Carton Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab
1994 Balasubramaniyan, Bhavani NCEP/EMC/Marine Modeling and Analysis Branch (NOAA)
1994 Butterworth, Pauline United Kingdom Meteorological Office
1994 Cuff, Thomas J Carton United States Navy NAVOOCEANOFareach Regional Office/Singapore
1994 Deweaver, Eric Thomas Nigam/Baer University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences
1994 Ghirardelli, Judith E. Moore Carton NOAA/NWS Mesoscale Prediction Branch/Localized Aviation MOS Program
1994 Li, Po
1994 Miller, David Allen
1994 Reale, Oreste Shukla USRA/GESTAR at NASA/GSFC
1994 Robaidek, Jerrold O Space Science Engineering Center
1993 Chen, Yu-Ping
1993 Civerolo, Kevin Lawrence Dickerson New York State Dept. of Health Empire State Plaza
1993 Fahlbusch, Frederick L Dickerson
1993 Free, Melissa Purdy Robock
1993 Han, Dejiang Ellingson
1993 Ji, Yimin Rasmusson/Vernekar George Mason Univ/Res. Assoc. Professor
1993 Liu, Xiaojing
1993 Zhang, Bing
1993 Zhou, Lihang NOAA
1992 Charney, Joseph John United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service
1992 Dai, Zhiyuan Rasmusson
1992 Dewitt, David George Vernekar International Research Institute for Climate Prediction
1992 Dionne, Joanna Miller NWS/OCWWS Services Branch
1992 Dubey, Vinod K. Shukla George Mason University
1992 Frye, Christopher Allen
1992 Gallagher, Frank Woolsey The University of Oklahoma School of Meteorology
1992 Henry, Ronla Kay (Meiggs) NOAA/NWS
1992 Kirtman, Benjamin Paul Vernekar/Shukla University of Miami
1992 Liu, Yuhe Center for Analysis and Prediction of Storms University of Oklahoma
1992 Mao, Jianping Robock CrIX/NPOESS
1992 Moak, William Randolph
1992 Moy, Leslie Ann Dickerson University of Wisconsin-Madison Space Science & Engineering Center
1992 Peng, Peitao Robock/Strauss/Shukla NOAA/NCEP
1992 Schaffer, Daniel Seth Carton NOAA/ESRL/Boulder, Co.
1992 Schlosser, Courtney Adam Vinnikov/Robock GEST/GSFC NASA Global Water and Energy Cycle Office
1992 Vukovich, Jeff Matthew Carton Baron Advanced Meteorological Systems/North Carolina
1992 Zhou, Zengxi Carton NOAA/AOML/PHOD
1992 Zhou, Xiaojing
1991 Cart, John Montgomery
1991 Delaney, Paul Andrew
1991 Kim, Jae-Hoon
1991 Poulida, Olga Dickerson Frederick Institute of Technology
1991 Shen, Horng-Syi National Taiwan University
1991 Tripputi, Mark Thomas Thompson, O.
1991 Zhang, Nian NESDIS/OSDPD-Sattellite Services Division
1990 Davis, Timothy Clark
1990 Ryan, William Francis Dickerson Pennsylvania State University Department of Meteorology
1990 Steger, John Michael Carton AOML/GOOS Center (US Port Meteorological Offices)/Miami, FL
1990 Zhou, Jiayu Vernekar NOAA Office of Science and Tech.
1990 Zhu, Yuejian NWS/EMC Global Climate and Weather Modeling Branch
1989 Chen, Jianhua
1989 Frederickson, Paul Alan Naval Postgraduate School Department of Meteorology
1989 Singh, Ramdas R. Shukla
1989 Whistler, Bruce Thomas NESDIS/OSDPD
1988 Dirmeyer, Paul Alan Shukla Center for Ocean-Land Atmospheric Studies
1988 Gockel, Brian Stephen Dickerson NOAA National Weather Service
1988 Lundberg, Jon Eric Talmudical Institute of Upstate New York
1988 McNamara, Donna Palmer Dickerson National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
1987 Brusberg, Mark David George Huffman "United States Department of Agriculture Office of Chief Economist/World Agricultural Outlook Board
1987 Kratz, Eugene J
1987 Thompson, Valerie Jean
1986 Ahnert, Peter Rath NOAA National Weather Service
1986 Fiore, Joseph Vincent Ratheon Systems Corporation
1986 Looper, Jennifer Layne
1986 Yoo, Jung Moon Carton EWHA Women's University Deparment of Science Education/Seoul, South Korea/Professor
1985 Allegrino, Americo S. NOAA NESDIS
1985 Auer, Stephen Joseph OGP/ARGOS JTA
1985 Bloom, Hal J. NPOESS/IPO
1985 Daniels, Jaime Michael National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
1985 Hou, Yu-Tai Shukla NOAA Environmental Modeling Center/ NCEP
1985 Karki, Mahendra Kumar SAIC/NASA/GSFC Global Modeling & Assimilation Office
1985 Messina, Stephen Robert Dickerson
1985 Simon, Elizabeth Ann
1985 Yang, Runhua Shukla NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
1985 Yanuk, David Ellingson An Extension of the Column Model Technique for Estimating Outgoing Longwave Irradiance: The Column Weighting Model Faculty Research Assistant/Computing Systems Manager
1984 Goldberg, Mitchell David Thompson, O./Kalnay/Li Chief, Satellite Meteorology and Climatology Division, NOAA NESDIS
1984 Kline, Joann Marie
1984 Styles, Thomas Lane
1983 Ewing, John A.
1983 Kitzmiller, David H. Rodenhuis Application of a Cellular Convection Model of a Diagnostic Study of a Cumulus Ensemble NOAA National Weather Service
1982 Corio, Louis Angelo Pinker Estimating Monthly Mean Water and Energy Budgets over the Central US Great Plains
1982 Dazlich Jr., Donald A. Owen Thompson The Transfer and Loss of Information in a Satellite Temperature Sounding System Colorado State University
1982 Eck, Thomas Frank Pinker Radiometric Determination of Atmospheric Turbidity GEST-UMBC/NASA-GSFC
1982 Ferraro, Ralph R. Robert Ellingson An Examination of a Technique for estimating the Longwaver Radiation Budger from Satellite Radiance Observations NOAA/NESDIS
1982 Katz, Bert Benjamin Baer Normal Modes of the Primitive Equations of Atmospheric Motions NCEP/EMC/Marine Modeling and Analysis Branch (NOAA)
1982 Labraga, Juan Carlos Baer A Simple Second Order Closure Model of the Planetary Boundary Layer for use in General Circulation: Design and Test
1982 Lutz, Robert Joseph Vernekar NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
1982 Molod, Andrea Mara Landsberg Collision Efficiencies of charged Ice Crystals of Different Densities with Charged Droplets NASA Goddard Space Flight Center/GMAO
1981 Cartwright, Randall William Landsberg Fluctuations of the Quasibiennial oscillation in surface air temperature of the Northern Hemisphere
1981 Delman, Alan Mass A Meteorological Study of Washington DC Air Pollution
1981 Dubofsky, Dean Frank Mass
1981 Hakkarinen, Ida Marie Landsberg Precipitation Fluctuations in Monsoon Asia During the Last 100 Years NESDIS/Office of Systems Development
1981 Piper, Thomas Sherwood Pitter Satellite Derived Temperature Soundings for Mesoscale Analysis of Severe Weather NWS/OST Development Branch
1980 Marks, Donald George Robock Verification of Numerical Weather prediction model by Wavenumber. University of Tulsa
1980 Militana, Louis M. Pinker On the Symmetry of Global Solar Radiation Around Solar Noon
1980 Short, Steven E. Pitter Laser Weather Identifier Experiment ? Fairbanks, Alaska 1978-1979
1979 Serafino, George Nato NESDIS Grounds Systems Division
1977 Cheng, Chieh-San Pres. of Global Science & Technology, Inc., Greenbelt, MD
1977 Dougherty, Richard Edward
1977 Rodney, Mark William
1976 Tompkins, Daryl Mark
1975 Arkin, Phillip Alan Robert Ellingson Diurnal Wind Variations in Summer from 0 to 18 kilometers in the Central United States University of Maryland ESSIC
1973 Badger, Nelda Katherine Landsberg
1973 Booth Jr., Arthur L. Anandu Vernekar Retired
1973 Harnack, Robert Landsberg Cook College-Environmental Science Department
1973 Herman, Leroy O. Thompson/S. Fritz
1973 Nozacki, Kenneth Y. Landsberg
1972 Hakkarinen, Charles S. Israel
1972 McGrath, Patricia Anne-Marie Landsberg
1971 Grossman, Gerald Rodenhuis
1971 Maisel, Theodore N Rodenhuis
1970 Dickson, Robert R. Landsberg
1970 Quiroz, Roderick S. Rodenhuis Retired
1969 Mooney, Kenneth A. Faller NOAA/OAR/Climate Program Office
1967 McCullough, Edwin C. Landsberg MAYO Clinic/Professor of Radiologic Physics
1965 Acheson, Donald Thompson, O./Landsberg NOAA (retired)
1965 Priestley (PHYS), Joseph T. Faller Accent Gold Solutions