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Available Data

Surface and top of the atmosphere short-wave radiative fluxes were produced  from the following satellite observations:

  • ISCCP DX from METEOSAT for 1986 and 1990 - 1992
  • ISCCP DX from GOES for 1990-1992
  • ISCCP DX from GMS for 1992

To facilitate comparison with results obtained at lower spatial resolution and to obtain global fields of radiative fluxes, observations from ISCCP D1 were also processed. Surface and top of the atmosphere radiative fluxes are available for the following time period:

  • ISCCP D1 for July 1983 - December 1998

Initially, eleven years of 2.5 degree spatial resolution satellite data (ISCCP D1) at 3-hourly time scale have been processed for the period July 1983-December 1994; the daily and monthly means of selected radiative fluxes have been  placed on a CD ROM entitled:

University of Maryland 
Short-wave Radiation Budget
Daily and Monthly Data Set
July 1983-August 1994
D1 Product Version 1.0
June 2000

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The data from this CD ROM is able to be accessed from here.

Subsequently, ISCCP D1 data for the period January 1995 to December 1998 have been processed. These are made available from here

Questions regarding these data should be sent to:

For details on what parameters are availble at the different spatial and temporal scales, go to Data Access.


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